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Meet the Experts

We are honored to have 11 business experts to help you grow your business at the 2018 Beef Up Your Business Collaboration Forum. Each of the five collaboration sessions is fifty-minutes.  While each session is led by an expert, the discussion is open and you are encouraged to ask questions and be fully engaged. Your participation and collaboration in each of the sessions are vital for you and your fellow collaborators to get the most out of the forum. 

How to Plan Your Collaboration Sessions​​

  • Review the session descriptions

  • Choose the top 5 sessions you want to attend

  • Choose 2 alternate sessions to attend

  • Note: some sessions are morning or afternoon only

  • You will not be able to attend every session

  • Grab your seat in the session -  limited seating

Collaboration Sessions

8:00 - Registration

8:30 - Welcome & Opening Speaker

9:50 - Collaboration Session 1

10:55 - Collaboration Session 2

11:45 - Lunch


1:00 - Collaboration Session 3

2:00 - Collaboration Session 4

3:05 - Collaboration Session 5

4:10 - Closing Speaker

5:10 - Networking & Happy Hour

Business Experts
Don Armstrong, Finish Your Race

Opening Speaker

Don Armstrong  - Finish Your Race

Impactful & Inspiring Speaker, Author & Survivor

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Life is a race, a journey. Life is constantly in motion, progressing forward day by day, week by week. What happens in the moments, which together impact your race is what, ultimately, leaves a ripple in the lives you touch, the legacy you leave behind. To finish your race, you need to find your race. To finish your race, you need to know why you are running it. To finish your race, you need to run it with others.  

Don weaves his story of transformation as a leukemia survivor with impactful life lessons and the huge victories that changed his personal and professional life. You will be empowered and inspired to act, to make your life more joyful and find true fulfillment.

Finish Your Race
Tamara Payne, Ensemble Coworking


Session Expert

Closing Speaker

Tamara Payne  - Collaboration Over Competition

Serial Entrepreneur, Communications Trainer,
Connector, Collaborator & Community Builder

Ensemble Coworking | Payne Free Communications

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People need a connection with other people. It’s an innate human characteristic. We thrive in groups, tribes, communities of people who share common goals, values, desires.


Tamara will ignite your passion for collaborating with others, even competitors, to make a difference in the world, and to do it hand in hand with others and not go it alone. She will inspire you to grow your business and find success by building your community and finding your tribe. 

Lauren Midgley, Productivity Expert

Session Expert

Lauren Midgley - Time Block for Productivity

Productivity Expert, Business Strategist, Author, Speaker

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It’s not a question of how much are you getting done. Rather, the bigger, more meaningful question is, “Are you spending time on what matters MOST – in your job, in your business, in your relationships, on your health or even on your finances? In this session, Lauren Midgley helps you focus on what will make a difference to maximize what you accomplish in the same amount of time.

To maximize your learning, bring your calendar and recent To Do List to the session.

Her focus is to work with high achieving individuals on their personal productivity, accountability, and business growth so that they accomplish the important things that matter and lead more satisfying lives. 

Lauren became an entrepreneur in 2010 after a 25+ year career with two Fortune 500 companies in sales and marketing. Her depth of knowledge and understanding comes from being an executive managing a team and being a business owner herself. She is the author of three books and a professional speaker.

Dawn Shannon, Navigation Strategist & Accountability Guru

Session Expert

Dawn Shannon - The Power of Accountability

Small Business Navigation Strategist & Accountability Guru

Jovi Strategies

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Do you feel overwhelmed or stuck by your ever-growing To-Do list?


Are you ready to create a solid action plan that will help you alleviate stress and get unstuck?


Sit in on this session led by Navigation Strategist & Accountability Guru, Dawn Shannon, CPC, ELI-MP, where you will define clear, actionable steps which will give you clarity, purpose and direction for your business.


Go from “To-Do” to “To-Done” and feel that sense of accomplishment you’ve been missing.


Dawn is a small business navigation strategist. She helps her clients cut through the noise and overwhelm of running a business to create a clear path and actionable steps to reach their goals and achieve continual growth. 

Profit First
George Crump, Content Creator

Session Expert

George Crump - Pay Yourself First with Profit First

Entrepreneur | Technical Content Creator for IT Industry

Storage Switzerland

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Using processes outlined in the book Profit First, George, will help you learn how to quit being a slave to your business and start paying yourself first. This session is about how to structure your business financials so you can yourself first with profit.


George Crump is President and Founder of Storage Switzerland. With over 25 years of experience designing storage solutions for data centers across the US, he has seen the birth of such technologies as RAID, NAS and SAN. Prior to founding Storage Switzerland he was CTO at one the nations largest storage integrators where he was in charge of technology testing, integration and product selection.

Ola Campbell, Attorney at Law

Session Expert

Ola Campbell - Legal Docs & Protection

Ola Campbell, Attorney at Law

The Law Office of Ola Campbell

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Whether you are a new business or growing, setting up your structure and using proper legal documents are important. In this session, participants will discuss the need for legal documentation, how to structure your business to protect you legally and financially. 

Ola Campbell earned her Juris Doctorate degree from Texas A&M School of Law and holds the Texas Bar License. She focuses her practice on advising small and mid-size business with contractual, and intellectual property law needs. She also advises business owners with their personal asset protection and estate planning.

Social Media
Lisa Marie Graves, Social Media & Business Coach

Session Expert

Lisa Marie Graves - Social Media Marketing

Social Media Expert & Business Coach

MLJS Legacy

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Social media for business can be confusing. Which platform is the best for your business? What content to put out? This session will discuss where to begin or what to change to ensure your social media marketing is working for you.


MLJS Legacy was founded in 2012, by Lisa Graves, to help businesses take advantage of the power of social media and get real results for their business. Many businesses are using social media; however very few of them are getting results (less than 20% according to some studies). We want to change this, by helping businesses to get results from their social media marketing.

Tamara Payne, Payne Free Communications

Session Expert

Tamara Payne - Craft a Clear, Concise Message

Serial Entrepreneur, Communications Trainer,
Connector & Community Builder

Payne Free Communications | Ensemble Coworking

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When you talk about your business, your services, your products, You long to speak with clarity and for your message to be compelling. This collaborative session will cover how to communicate more clearly and concisely.

Tamara is the Chief Communicator at Payne Free Communications, a marketing communications practice, where she assists small-to-medium businesses to communicate more effectively what they do; in-person, in-print and online. She works her clients in to create an authentic brand platform for their speaking business.

Terri Wood, Mary Kay Sales Director

Session Expert

Terri Wood - Networking for Introverts

Skin Care and Color Cosmetics Specialist

Mary Kay Sales Director

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Networking is a necessary evil for business growth and connections. Networking for introverts is even more of an evil. This session will give you practical tips to help you network more effectively despite your fears and trepidation.


For 15 years, Terri Wood has been helping men and women of all ages feel and look their best. As an Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, Terri has built her business through networking and referrals. She is a self-described introvert who has adapted to a networked world. She enjoys sharing her experiences in how to build a network as an introvert.

Jasmin Brand, Digital Marketing Expert

Session Expert

Jasmin Brand- Demystifying Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Expert, Small Business & Women's Advocate

Launch DFW | Darby James | Brazen Global

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Attend this session to discuss and uncover the complexities of digital ad spend, adwords, SEO and online paid advertising.


Jasmin Brand is the CEO of Launch DFW, bringing close to a decade of executive experience in digital publishing and marketing strategy to the Texas based digital media company on a mission to inspire and support the future of tech and business innovation in the region. She is the founder and President of DARBY JAMES, a respected agency leader in experiential marketing, content creation and comprehensive brand strategies for cities and SMBs. 

Greg Saltsman, Business Consultant

Session Expert

Greg Saltsman - Know Your Numbers

Strategy. Operations. Finance. Mergers & Acquisitions.

Southern Oak Consulting, Business Consultant

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Data is a four letter word for small business owners. Collecting and tracking data is viable for business growth. Greg will lead this session where you will learn what data to track and why it's so important. 


Greg is a strategic and financial leader with over 17 years of experience in both operating and consulting environments. His core focus is helping companies align their overall strategic goals with their financial data to help create more effective business models. Greg is also the co-owner of Pearl Snap Kolaches, an award-winning kolache store in Ft. Worth.

Leslie Hassler, Small Business Growth Coach

Session Expert

Leslie Hassler - Pricing Products / Services

Small Business Growth Coach | Speaker | Author

Your Biz Rules

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Using a proven formula to price your services will help you be more profitable faster. Collaboration in this session will provide a guideline for you to get paid what you are worth.


Leslie works with owners of service-based small business. She sees many of her clients doing the 'right' things, just at the wrong time, and trying to follow business models that focus on being profitable some-day instead of as quickly as possible. Leslie is more than a coach. She is a partner who will help guide you to envisioning, prioritizing and planning your way to a strong profitable business.

Jaide Flynn, Primerica Registered Principal

Session Expert

Jaide Flynn - Toast Your Way to Networking Success

Main Street America Financial Professional, Toastmasters Leader

Primerica, Registered Principal

  • Jaide Flynn Linkedin

Do you want to become a confident public speaker and strong leader? If so, then attend this session where you will discuss opportunities to develop the speaking skills that will make you a stronger networker.  


Jaide Flynn is a financial professional with a focus on helping main street Americans create a strong financial future. Jaide also assists small business owners in being premier employers. Jaide is a seasoned speaker, a leader in Toastmasters and thrives on sharing her knowledge with others so they can speak confidently in public. 

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